Friday, January 2, 2009

BLACKPOLES The Martians were initially shocked at the arrival of earth technology especially armored vehicles which were almost impervious to anything but a lucky hit from their largest guns. Martian infantry was helpless when confronted with the steam powered beasts and so the “Black Poles” were formed.

Blackpole is a name given by earth troops to Martian anti-vehicle units as these troops are easily recognizable by the long pole they carry that has a large explosive device attached to its end and the whole assembly, of course, is usually colored black. These explosive devices are designed to hook onto or be placed underneath a vehicle and then be detonated from several yards away via a pull-rope. The rope gives the trooper a slim possibility of finding a bit of cover before detonating the device.

Martian anti-vehicle troops are fearless and will always close with any vehicle they aim for (assuming they survive the advance). They are not intentional suicide troops and will probably die if they advance alone. Advancing as part of a group reduces the chance of being the specific target.

Black Poles must be within 2” of a target (measure from center of figure stand to edge of target) in order to detonate their explosive device. Against armored vehicles the device automatically hits with an attack value of a light gun. Against lightly armored vehicles this can be devastating!
Blackpole troops are highly regarded and highly rewarded for succeeding in their task and could afford to retire for the rest of their lives in splendor. It seems though that within the blackpole organization there is a fierce pride and competition to be the one who destroys the most vehicles and lives hence no successful Blackpole has ever chosen the path of luxury.

The sighting of a Blackpole warrior should be cause for concern for any opponent!

The figures used to create the Blackpoles are from the RAFM legion set. The blade at the tip of the spear was removed and plastic tubing, brass wire, and string were used to create the explosive device at the end of the pole. An interesting and deadly character! Mark


Eli Arndt said...

Nice idea and such a simple yet elegant conversion. It's always good to see VSF players who come up with their own add-ons.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I like the spar-torpedo idea. I am using something similar already for my Martian deathray flying cavalry in 15mm.

The rope is an especially nice touch. I may just nick that idea and add a bit of thread to the fellows already finished.

Also, I'm adding a link to this page from my own blog, Victoria's Boys in Red (