Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something Old, Something New

I took some time away from my American Revolution project to work on some new Sky Galleons vessels.  I have a fair amount of unpainted lead from a purchase I made from Stone Mountain a couple years ago.  They found some old Lizards Grin Martian ships in their basement and sold off the lot.  Needless to say, it was pretty popular stuff and I picked up some of the ships I wanted.

I've painted up a Macefield, a couple of French Harpon gunboats, a Warm Winds merchant kite, and a Mikasa class armed merchant.  These together with some Brigade Miniatures patrol gunboats  gave me an idea for a new scenario.  
Alert class gunboats by Brigade Miniatures.  Their two 4.7" quick-firing guns provide punch, but their light armor and limited secondary armament are vulnerabilities.

Lizard's Grin Warm Winds kite.  The scale of the kite is way out of line; with a hull size of 20 it should be the largest vessel I own.  It isn't.

Lizard's Grin Macefield.  Not a great model, but it'll do.

French Harpon class gunboats by Lizard's Grin.  Not a bad representation.

The next air battle in our Shastapsh campaign will take place outside the of the island city.  A change of scenery will do us good.  I've also come up with a new terrain feature I want to try out.  It has some tricks and some down sides, but it's worth a try.  Don't want to give away too much.
Lizard's Grin Mikasa armed transport.  A useful addition to my collection

The tricky part is getting all the Red Captains together to play out the scenario.  Everyone is pretty busy and as we head in to the holidays will only become moreso.
Plastic Fenian Ram right out of the Sky Galleons box (masts added.) Everybody needs Irish Rebels on Mars.

Lizard's Grin Hamburg.  Take two.