Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Get Glory at Last

Two weeks ago we played our sixth campaign game. It was much fun. Mark developed an elaborate multi-player scenario in which each player was trying to capture gold from some obvious hill defenses. The ten of us each got to choose our forces based on a point valuation. I selected two Martian militia units and a hill Martian unit armed with Martini Henry rifles, plus the organ gun I unveiled in the last campaign game. It turns out I chose wisely.

I was flanked on left and right by a unit of earthers. I made a deal with Dave Schueler on my right to cooperate, or at least stay out of one another's way. I thought I had a deal with Gary Griess on my left, but in the first turn he fired a Gatling gun and unit of redcoats at me, so I had no choice but to give him the business. For three turns I shot him and meleed him with superior numbers while his second unit move up the hill toward the gold, only to be blasted by Masked Minions defending the walls. It's okay, I maimed the unit I faced, and took the Gatling. Nothing like a unit of Martian militia with a Gatling gun

We eventually declared a truce and I began heading for the hill. Like the other units that struck for the pile of gold at the very top, I rapidly bogged down under fire from the Minions. They were protected by walls, wore armor and had some exotic weaponry. However, I had a special secret weapon-Hill Martians. The Hill Martians pay no extra cost for terrain, so a couple of decent die rolls put me in position to rush the hilltop.

I made my way to the foot of the Minions' defenses on the same turn they disappeared, and the following turn made my rush to the hilltop and collected the gold--on the last turn of the game. That saved me from being blasted by all my "friends" on the way back down. The gold earned me the right to buy the large gas projecting gun in the right of the pictures, as well as a figure of renown to use in upcoming campaign games. Makes me happy.