Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Parhoon Rifles

Since the initial landing on Mars in 1870 the British have been establishing a foothold on the Red planet and developing initial friendly relations with the rulers of the city of Parhoon. In 1878 the Anwaar (ruler) of Parhoon and his son were assassinated in an attempted coup. The coup was crushed by the small British armed force that was located in Parhoon in less than a day. The only remaining heir was a three month old child who was established on the throne and Queen Victoria assumed the regency of Parhoon to be administered by a British commissioner. (Sir Phillip Adelaide).

It was the first major British foothold on Mars and they quickly expanded their small armed contingent with additional forces from both earth and local levies. The first native unit formed by the British was a battalion of Martian citizenry led by British officers. It was equipped with Martini Henry’s and organized identically to a standard British battalion. The unit was given the name of “The Parhoon Rifles” and went on to become one of the most famous units on Mars.

After the assassination the neighboring city-state of Gorovaan sensed an opportunity and attempted an invasion of Parhoon in early 1879. The war gave the British and Parhoonese a common enemy to fight and the success of the campaign cemented the Parhoon and British relationship. The Parhoon Rifles earned their baptism under fire during the war and took the first steps toward building their fearsome reputation. The city of Gorovaan was annexed to Parhoon and so began the first steps of the expansion of the British colony.

The figures shown in the pictures are from RAFM and are still available.

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