Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Evil Minions

Mercenaries at their very best (or worst if you prefer). The troops representing the Evil Minions are always working toward their own specific goal but occasionally will work for the highest bidder to earn a bit of cold hard cash. At the very least they will do whatever they can to disrupt one or both sides in any situation just for the pure pleasure in doing so.

No one really knows who the Evil Minions are, who controls them, or where they come from. Their equipment is obviously of earth origin and always of the highest quality and latest technology.

Best guess is an ex-military officer from some army that has his own personal goals and is creating and training his own military force. No one has any idea where their main headquarters is and the few prisoners that have been taken have all taken cyanide before disclosing any information. All attempts at infiltrating or even meeting with the Minion organization have failed. No army can predict when these fellows will appear or what their main purpose might be.

On one occasion a strong force of Evil Minions arrived during a battle, attacked both sides simultaneously for over an hour, and then retreated back into the hills. One can only assume it was some sort of training exercise but who can be sure?

Several rumors abound centered on the use of what is called a lightning gun. A fascinating concept but all earth scientists have stated that such a weapon could not possibly exist.

The amount of times the Evil Minions have appeared has been slowly but surely increasing. They are obviously preparing to complete whatever goal they have chosen. Hopefully it will not disrupt the upcoming campaign against the rebels in Shastapsh.

The figures and guns in the pictures are all available from The London war Room.


J Womack, Esq. said...

Good stuff, yet again! I have a small number of these nefarious ne'er-do-wells myself, though they have yet to see paint. I am probably going to follow the traditional black trenchcoat route with them, but I do like your scheme.

I suppose I ought to get them a special weapon or two as well. Maybe at Historicon, if London War Room attends...

Your efforts are getting me active again, so please keep it up!

Mark said...

Happy to be responsible for getting you back at it again! Lots more to come including figures, airships, zeppelins and a few more landships. Keep us up-to-date on the efforts of your new found enthusiasm!