Saturday, January 10, 2009


On Mars there are occasional groups that are dedicated to the performance of one task and do everything in the extreme.

One such unit that has appeared in the last decade are the Sverdlinkers a group of fanatics dedicated to the eradication of all things from earth. While they are a secret cult they have no problem accepting assistance from any source (including other earthmen) in the completion of their task.

Be aware though that in the end even the “friendly” earthmen will be targets of this group. They are all masters of edged weapons and disdain the use of firearms or even armor.

Once given an order by their leader they will die in the attempt rather than admit or accept defeat. If their leader is killed or wounded they will fight even harder (Melee Bonus) to avenge his wound / death. They are probably the deadliest foes on Mars in hand-to-hand combat and are feared by all who face them. Being unarmored they move quickly through even rough terrain. They are considered elite troops and get a melee bonus for their special training. Since they also receive a bonus for charging and are guaranteed to close you can see that they can be devastating shock troops.

As long as the leader is alive (even wounded) the troops will do exactly as ordered. If the leader dies they will attack the nearest enemy force and will fight to the death. A wise British officer should consider staying out of the reach of this devastating unit and using his troops exceptional firepower to weaken the threat before entering melee. Unfortunately “Fall Back” is not a command taught with any emphasis at officers training back on Earth and several British units have paid the price in blood for their refusal to give ground to these “native” troops.

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Digging the commentary on the units of your Martian campaign.