Monday, December 29, 2008

More Game Pics

This morning's blog entry included Dale's great photos of Saturday's game. I decided to take a look at those I took as well, and came up with some pretty good ones.

Top right is a face off between two units of hill Martians. This is an action that will quickly turn nasty with those at the bottom of the hill charging those on top, with the frequent bad result for those that charge uphill.

Next are the City forces' set up. Black Flag militia on the left backed up by a unit of militia, militia in the redoubt with a light gun holding the right.

The third photo is a view from the redoubt at those three advancing imperial legions

Top left is a view from the City troops right flank at those advancing Imperial legions. The black flag legion would later desert to the Shastapshi.

The last photo is a great picture of the German walker trashing some Imperial legionnaires. The walker was superbly handled with bravery by Dale.


Tas said...

Lovely stuff - I added a link for you at my blog too. Love the RGC!

Yours in a white wine sauce,

Kevin said...

Awesome-Thanks so much Tas.