Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shastapsh City Militia

These are some new toys. I've actually had them nearly complete for about a week. Alas, they needed a flag, which I finally finished tonight. I'm painting five units of Shastapsh city militia. They are identifiable by their different colored loin cloths and flags. This is the purple flag unit. I took this opportunity to present their flag in the purple and gold of my alma mater, the University of Washington. As you may see I carefully inscribed the flag with important Shastapsh political slogans, including "Go Dawgs, fire Willingham!!"

All the city militia unit will be twelve figures. Of these ten of them are from the RAFM Space 1889 range. They are equally divided between shooters and swordsmen. I don't find these figures to be as nice as the original Bob Murch sculpts for the Space 1889 range (still available as boxed sets at very reasonable prices.) Still they do fill out the range, and I like their physical characterizations better than the skinny Parroom Station Martians. I do believe they are over-priced at three bucks a pop, and I didn't order them until the Space 1889 sale during the summer. Two of the figures are from the Dead Earthmen range from Bronze Age miniatures. Some very nice miniatures indeed. They are from the John Carter of Mars range (though they can't call them that.) They represent Red Captains-Terran leaders of native units.

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