Monday, October 20, 2008

The Red Captains

I'm keeping this blog on behalf of my friends who together form the Red Captains. We're a group of Space 1889 enthusiasts who have enjoyed playing 28mm miniature games in the Frank Chadwick universe. Let me introduce them to you:

Mark Waddington,, from Renton, WA is our miniaturist sans peur. His scratchbuilt Aphid and Ranger gunboats are virtually museum quality. His walkers and steam tanks, kit-bashed from toys, are inventive and very cool looking.

Joe Waddington is Mark's son and has participated in all of our major productions. He has helped conceptualize our rules and problem solved some our more thorny issues.

Chris Bauermeister is our Venusian enthusiast. Chris is from Olympia and has piles of interesting lizardmen from the old reptiliad line by RAFM. Always in it for the fun, Chris is a great member of the team.

Dale Mickel is also from Olympia and a founding member of the Red Captains. Some day Dale will build the perfect flyer. But until then he will lead Hill Martians into hopeless attacks or land masked minions from Mark's airship.

Scott Murphy is another Olympian. His interest is, like mine in the Chadwickian city-state of Shastapsh. Scott is currently working on Fenian mercenaries for the support of the island city.

Gene Anderson hails from beautiful Centralia, fifty miles south of Tacoma. He dutifully drives up to game with the rest of us, when it doesn't conflict with his hunting plans. Though Gene doesn't have any miniature plans of his own, he provides the comic relief and we couldn't do without him.

I'm Kevin Smyth from beautiful Puyallup, WA. Mark and I originally envisioned the Space 1889 project together. I am a fairly prolific painter, though I am frequently distracted from the Martians by other projects. I'll also be the official keeper of the blog.

Our group is preparing a campaign based in Shastapsh. This blog will be our record of preparations, rumors and just foolin' around. We hope you find it fun and useful

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Kev said...

Hi- very much enjoy your post on SPACE 1889- Congratulations on your great miniatures, terrain and scenario..very inspiring- well done. Look forward to the next Battle. Best Wishes. KEV.R.