Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been working on a new storyline for Mars.  I'll publish them in the near future as the project nears completion.  The story calls for some new units that I've added to my painted pile of lead.  The good news is that the lead piles is shrinking rapidly and it is getting painted.

First up are hill Martians from RAFM.  They are supposed to be semi-impoverished tribesmen.  They appear different than my other indigenous troops.  Their skin-color is reddish instead of yellowish-perfectly appropriate a la Edgar Rice Burroughs if not Frank Chadwick. They are untrained, fast moving swordsmen, counted on to take advantage of the unwary in rough terrain.

My second group of figures are mounted light horsemen, er, gashantry.  These are, again, RAFM miniatures for both the riders and mounts.  I wanted to do something different with these figures, so I peeked into an envelope of left over goodies from an order of Conquest Comanche figures.  I had lots of weapons, some shields and feathers I thought might give an unusual irregular look to them.  I made one spear, and together with the feather decorated shields, was pleased with the come with what you have look. They are actually my favorite Space 1889 unit. 

Last, but not least, I painted up some command figures.  Riding with the native mounted is an Indian trumpteter.  I also painted an Indian command figure and a British commander. These are Perry figures from their Sudan range.  They don't sit the Gashants perfectly, and because I'm too lazy and don't plan far enough ahead they sit above their mounts a bit.  Even so, they don't look ridiculous. Why are they here?  More information to follow.

  Next up:  The Stonehouse Elephant Walker.  Ahh, c'mon everybody needs one.


Don M said...

Looking quite impressive!

DougH said...

while I am not normally into the 'fantasy' side of the miniatures hobby, I quite enjoy the creative/imaginative (sic) side of the Martian experience.
Good job with the Commanche shields et al.

ColKillgore said...

It is good to see an update.